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US Car Manufacturing Giant General Motors (GM) Files Patent for Inter-Vehicle Data Exchange Using Blockchain

A recent blockchain patent filed by US car manufacturing giant GM seeks to intelligently manage highway and traffic information. As per the patent, data exchange between multiple vehicles in real time is designed over a blockchain. Both semi-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicles can be compatible with the same. Thanks to trust in the historical data recorded per vehicle over the blockchain, vehicle/driver specific behavioral patterns can also be deduced and the data utilized for various purposes in principle.

The abstract of the patent reads:

A method and system using blockchains for distributing event information related to vehicle operation between a plurality of entities. The method includes executing blockchain agreements between the plurality of entities participating in a blockchain exchange for distributing event information related to the vehicle operation, where the blockchain exchange includes a plurality of databases having blockchains of data blocks for storing the event information. Next, generating by a particular entity of the plurality of entities the event information related to vehicle operation and validating the event information by a consensus of the plurality of entities participating in the blockchain exchange. Then, appending, upon validating by the consensus, a blockchain within the blockchain database for enabling each entity to have access to a same replicated block data with the event information to enable enhanced vehicle operations of multiple vehicles based on the same replicated block data.

The patent for this futuristic technology was filed to U.S.Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) earlier last year, but recently accepted last week after numerous modifications for clarity of concept. Stay tuned and don’t miss the future. The Future is Now!

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