Boutique media & consulting


— Consulting —

Bullet-proof set of skills

We are an empathetic boutique consulting firm with a world class team that has a bullet-proof set of skills. We have overcome obstacles from lack of funding, cancer, broken projects, weight-loss and identity fraud.

Our expertise and our life experience help us relate to every situation, visualizing the obstacles before they arise - such as extra funding, setting up a pilot project in a 3rd world country, getting that licensee to operate in a fluid jurisdiction, and most importantly having a positive image to do so. There is no obstacle we can’t undertake.


We are visionaries that combine your goals with our strategic and innovative leadership. Our key objective is to plan, strategize and execute your vision from sunrise to sunset with excellence. We have experience overseeing business operations, ability to meaningfully engage your community at all levels while formulating policies and procedures to execute the plan.

True partner

Our core values are symbiotic — with being a true partner to you, with respect, unquestioned integrity, ethics and values that can be trusted as we are side by side with you to grow your brand in a symbiotic relationship together, to create jobs, prosper the community and leave a mark in this world while disrupting the space by creating positive social impact.