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Internet Privacy with Telegram & Protonmail?

In the past few years, breach of email privacy and other sensitive data have made sensational news world-over. From allegations of external meddling in US elections to Facebook selling user data for political campaigns, it is becoming increasingly clear that breach of internet privacy affects us all in one way or another. Even Google’s search engine is sometimes reported to filter out orcensor sensitive ongoing political scandals without any user permission or notification. But wait there’s more, like the worldwide buildup targeting Net Neutrality. While all of this together may seem very dire in consequence and make no mistake it is, there is a ray of hope. The hope lays with one of the many possible applications of the very versatile technology that is of course – blockchain.

As emails and messengers operate on centralized servers, they are thus susceptible to unjust, sans permission and even indiscernible but strict censorship. Messaging services like Telegram & email service like Protonmail do allow end users the complete power of service privacy. But it is with leveraging blockchain technology that these services can become truly private. Such a platform will be ideal for people dealing with sensitive information like lawyers, reporters, whistle-blowers, politicians, doctors, scientists, etc. With the Telegram ICO concluded earlier this year, the dream is on its way to reality. Protonmail is also now hiring blockchain developers; it remains to be seen for what purpose exactly. Upon implementation, this will provide a vital tool for tackling the ever increasing threats of cyber security.

So don’t get shabby, blockchain and the pioneers of the future are all too well aware of the problems we are faced with in the realm of internet privacy and are working hard to make sure our future is bright, truly free and secure from the big brotherly concept.

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