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Jim Cramer: Bitcoin Made Me A ‘Ton Of Money’ Unlike Stocks & Gold

CNBC host Jim Cramer has divulged that he made “a ton of money” on Bitcoin but gold “let him down.”

In a recent episode of the Pomp Podcast released 22nd March, Cramer thanked host Anthony Pompliano for persuading him to invest five hundred thousand dollars in BTC. He said, “Here’s what’s going on: you made me a ton of money.”

Continuing, he mentioned that unlike his acquaintance with purchasing gold and stocks, BTC actually delivered.

He told Pompliano,

“It happened just as you said. It also happened much faster than you said, but I’m very grateful — and you know who else is grateful? My kids.”

He recalled,

“When I got not schooled but taught by Pomp, I said, ‘What am I doing not protecting myself in what I’ve been saying to people could be hyperinflation?'”

While he did not mention precisely how much money he had made from his primary investment of around five hundred thousand dollars, the timing hints that his deposit might now be worth around two and a half million dollars.

Notably, Cramer is still a somewhat small-volume hodler in contrast to several BTC investors who entered at much shallow price levels. Nevertheless, these whales have become progressively weak-handed in recent times, selling into every crucial price increase this year.

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