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Russia Takes Down 4 Dark Web Sites With 263 Million USD In Digital Asset Sales, As Per Elliptic

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has purportedly taken down 4 prime illicit Dark Web websites, which have made more than million in digital assets proceeds from the sale of appropriated credit cards. The aforementioned platforms include Trump’s Dumps, Ferum Shop, Sky-Fraud forum, and UAS Store.

The aforementioned illegal platforms, known as “carding” websites, offer stolen credit cards, and buyers can buy them with premium gift cards, luxury goods, or digital assets.

The blockchain analysis provider Elliptic divulged that the 4 Russian websites together made around two hundred and sixty three million in digital assets from their illicit transactions. The 3 most employed digital assets were BTC, ETH, and LTC.

As per the analysis, Ferum Shop alone accounted for two hundred and fifty six million dollars in Bitcoin from stolen credit cards since October 2013. This consists of around seventeen percent of that illicit market. Nevertheless, providing accurate figures is onerous since Ferum Shop has employed a “sporadic use of payment processor” over the years, Elliptic mentioned.

Russia’s lawmakers, who have been highly indecisive on their stance on digital assets, recently declared they will impose regulations on the asset class and not prohibit it. This should be considered good news for the flourishing number of local investors.

As per some estimations, Russians collectively own approximately two hundred and fourteen billion dollars worth of virtual currencies. The figure represents around twelve percent of the market’s whole value.

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