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Sprint International Express to Extend it’s Logistics Service to Blockchain Bill of Lading

We have previously reported about how blockchain technology is ideal to modernize the ‘Bill of Lading’ used extensively for shipping cargo trading and settlement worldover. We also reported how ICO funded startup CargoX (token: CXO) pioneered the first ever ‘Bill of Lading’ over a blockchain, beating tech giants like IBM who are also developing equivalent technologies. Now, CargoX has partnered with Sprint international Express. Sprint International Express is a comprehensive cargo and logistics services provider offering 3rd party logistics, logistic warehousing, air freight, ocean freight, U.S. mailing address and much more. With this partnership, Sprint international Express aims to additionally provide smart ‘Bill of Lading’ (over an immutable blockchain ledger) service to their customers.

Denise Richardson, CEO of Sprint International Express.

“The blockchain technology behind Cargo X’s Smart B/L™ is very innovative and we are extremely excited about our new partnership. CargoX has streamlined the movement of B/Ls, and the solution saves time and money by virtually eliminating the loss of documentation. It enhances the process from creator to the receiver of the B/L in minutes instead of days, and the technology behind this process provides a safe and secure environment.

We are confident our customers will embrace this new form of processing and receiving smart B/L’s. It will certainly make a remarkable impact on the bottom line of doing business very soon. We expect it to also fast track price quotes and minimize the movement and processing of paperwork regarding the clearance of shipments through our local customs clearance department.

We are 100% committed in working with the developers of Cargo X’s amazing and innovative smart technology product on the blockchain by using smart B/L’s. We believe that this is a game changer for all Freight Forwarders, NVOCC and Shippers.”

Stefan Kukman, CEO and founder of CargoX:

“I am glad to welcome Sprint International Express aboard the CargoX Smart B/L™ platform, where the most agile, modern, integrated and cutting-edge cargo and logistics service providers are starting to use the reliable, fast and cost-efficient blockchain-based blockchain document transaction solutions.

We pride ourselves with fast development, by being the first in the market with a production ready blockchain based Bill of Lading, and we know our partners are those who will start using the solution in the shortest time available. They provide CargoX with high-quality feedback and expectations for the future – and we will deliver to them new trade finance solutions they need to maintain their cutting edge in the market.”

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