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About Us

‘The Future is Now Media Group’ is a boutique media, consulting & PR agency, focused on image making, strategy and tailoring editorial marketing campaigns in top industry media for our partners all over the world. Our primary focus are the disruptive industries of Blockchain, AI, NFT's & DeFi. Our flagship product is the documentary film series ‘The Future is Now’. We travel the world and create branding visuals for our partners which include gathering platforms, top philanthropists, thought leaders, exchanges, regulators, funds as well the most promising innovators brought right to your screen in high quality cinematic film series. The film serves as a vehicle for mass adoption through cinema by means of organic PR campaigns throughout top business, finance and crypto media.

We also offer individual image-making services as well as Global PR, IR and GR through our Consulting, Strategy & Analysis arm. Our expertise and our life experience help us relate to every situation, visualizing the obstacles before they arise - such as extra funding, setting up a pilot project in a 3rd world country, listing on a particular exchange, building the right community of users, advisors and ambassadors, getting that licensee to operate in a fluid jurisdiction, and most importantly having a positive image to do so. There is no obstacle we can’t undertake. Our key objective is to plan, strategize and execute your vision from sunrise to sunset with excellence. Don’t miss the future – the future is now!

- Founder & CEO Miguel Francis-Santiago

>150,000 public and private investor reach through our Telegram partners network
>50,000,000 unique monthly views through our crypto-media partners network
>25 countries global reach 8 different language distribution
>400,000,000 impressions through top tiered crypto and fintech media PR campaigns

Our Team

Miguel Francis-Santiago
CEO / Editor-in-Chief

Oleg Krech
BDO - Digital

Sayan Dondokov
Partner - Head of GR

Evgeny Gevoy
Partner & CTO - YLLO Labs

Guido Giuseppe

Boris Bo
Head of TFIN Family

Vlad Antonov
CTO / Head of Analytics

Irina S. Litchfiled
Head of Investor Relations

Ahmed Shawareb

Katerina Futur
Head of PR

Jackie Hart
Community Partner, Founder ZeroPoint

Andrey Chernyi
Lead Developer

R. Chandler Brown

Andrew Sarkar
Staff Writer

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