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We scale your company, your image and your reach

We create a data driven, audit based campaign including traditional PR, high quality visual connecting-content, analytical development, and digital marketing in order to scale your brand and your product

Image Making

Inspire trust, create community and scale your brand with our approach to cinematic marketing

Global PR

Create tailored organic top-tiered fintech and business media campaigns across major publications in industries of Emerging Tech, Blockchain & AI, Cannabis and iGaming

Full Project Audit & Strategy

Find out about your companies full SWOT assessment that is paired with a tailored solution from technical to business and image development creating a one stop solution guide for all your needs

Data-Driven Digital Marketing

We create data-driven SMM & digital marketing campaigns across all platforms from push-notifications to Appstore & direct traffic. Quality traffic and best CPM/CPC rates are our specialty, driving new users, potential investors and customers to your business

Visual Marketing & Image Making

We script, film and produce a 3-6-10-20 minute documentary-style explainer film that combines emotions & feelings with cinema aimed to form a powerful connection between your brand and community in order to create trust with the viewer & potential investor. Unlike an explainer film which simply goes into one ear and out the other. Our image-making stays in the viewer’s heart and mind.

Brock Pierce 2020

Toda Network


Pair This Product With Our In-Depth Audit And Analysis

An in-depth analysis providing a systematic and objective assessment of ongoing, future or completed projects. The aim of the report is to establish strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks which allows our team to determine the relevance and level of achievement of project objectives, development effectiveness, community, resource efficiency, potential impact, business model sustainability and token economics, but most importantly a properly tailored visual product and PR campaign.

Global Editorial Public Relations

Our PR services comprise of Editorial articles & press releases across top digital media publications in business, finance, crypto, CBD & iGaming. From full feature articles to brand mentions and featured interviews, we can create the world buzz that you need at competitive pricing. Our proposition is to combine an editorial article about your company with your new branding film or series of short social media videos as part of our unique PR campaign.

For Best Results Include Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We create SMM campaigns and use our expertise to make sure your money gets you the result you want. Best conversion rates are our specialty, driving new users, potential investors and customers to your business.

Traffic & Leads

We create traffic streams for our partners in the industries of Blockchain, iGaming, CBD & disruptive tech, as well as any online or offline business. Our targeting managers have access to some of the best CPM/CPC rates available.

Igaming Affiliate Marketing

We have access to pools of iGaming regulars always looking for new and exciting platforms in the space. If you fit that description then this traffic and customers conversion generation service is for you.

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— Consultancy —

We guide you along every step of the way, from scripting and anlysis which will ensure the path to creating the best strategy, visual products, PR & Marketing products to ensure the success in achieving your goals.

Bullet-proof set of skills

We are an empathetic boutique consulting firm with a world class team that has a bullet-proof set of skills. Our expertise and our life experience help us relate to every situation, visualizing the obstacles before they arise - such as extra funding, setting up a pilot project in a 3rd world country, getting that license to operate in a fluid jurisdiction, getting listed on a top tiered exchange and most importantly having a positive image to do so. There is no obstacle we can’t undertake.


We are visionaries that combine your goals with our strategic and innovative leadership. Our key objective is to plan, strategize and execute your vision from sunrise to sunset with excellence. We have experience overseeing business operations, ability to meaningfully engage your community at all levels while formulating policies and procedures to execute the plan.

True partner

Our core values are symbiotic — with being a true partner to you, with respect, unquestioned integrity, ethics and values that can be trusted as we are side by side with you to grow your brand in a symbiotic relationship together, to create jobs, prosper the community and leave a mark in this world while disrupting the space by creating positive social impact.

Crypto CPA Full Service

B2C Personal Crypto Tax Services

Our bookkeeping services for individual clients include:

Crypto transaction reconciliation

Crypto transaction import assistance

Crypto tax report preparation

Crypto tax software account review

Crypto tax consulting

Crypto tax planning such as loss harvesting, retirement account setup

Crypto business structuring

B2B Corporate Crypto Tax Services

Our bookkeeping services for blockchain companies include:

Tax Resolution, Outsourced CFO, Startup Tax Consulting and Preparation

Provide recommendation for crypto (and traditional) bookkeeping software

Perform crypto transaction import and reconciliation

Prepare both crypto and traditional journal entries

Perform monthly transaction reconciliations

Prepare monthly and annual financial reports

Executive Team

Miguel Francis-Santiago

CEO & Founder, Head of Marketing

Miguel Francis-Santiago has spearheaded new media for disruptive technology across international news networks, as well as visual branding, product placement and image making for real estate, auto commercials, individual businesses and beyond. He is a seasoned image-maker and digital marketing executive with 15+ years experience in the internet industry, production, PR, SMM, media journalism, and filmmaking.

Vlad Antonov

CTO & Head of Analytics & Audit

Vlad has extensive experience in business audit & assessment as well as traditional + crypto market analysis. Being a former Data Analyst at Apple, Vlad possesses in-depth knowledge of computer networks, ethical hacking and cyber security which allows him to consult projects from business data and technical perspectives. Vlad’s former political campaign experience in the E.U., has given him the crucial talent of analytical scripting, strategy and execution.

Sayan Dondokov

Partner - Head of GR

Sayan is one of the world's top lobbyists and public relations directors. Candidate of Economic Sciences, guest lecturer on lobbying at the world's leading universities. 8 years Head of Government Relations Department Big4 (Deloitte).

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