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Award Winning Visual Storytelling Start-up Flixel Studios & Advertisement Industry Veteran AdWeek

Award winning visual storytelling startup Flixel Studios & advertisement industry veteran Adweek successfully pilot test AdBank blockchain

AdBank (token: ADB) is an ICO from last year that aims to validate online advertisements from fraud using blockchain & AI technology. The platform aims to tackle the $50 billion fraud in online digital marketing. In less than a year since its ICO, it has already been featured in Forbes for its partnership with the Austrian National Tourism Office to utilize their patent technology to tackle fraudulent advertisement. In latest developments of the project, their blockchain has now been successfully pilot tested by Flixel Studios and Adweek.

Toronto based startup and winner of 2014 Apple Design Award, Flixel Studios specializes in ‘Magical tools for visual storytelling’. Together with their publishing partner and industry veteran Adweek, they have successfully pilot test the high speed and transparency AdBank payment system using their ADB token. In the demonstration, Flixel Studio’s ‘cinematograph’ (dynamically blended combined video and still photograph) advertisement was successfully deployed on the publishing medium Adweek.

David Saabye, SVP of Customer Experience in Adweek

“We are excited to be experiencing the way blockchain is providing a new level of accountability and transparency in ad technology. Adbank is delivering on a concept that appeals to the entire marketing ecosystem — and we look forward seeing how the industry will evolve when it’s deployed at scale.”

Robert Lendvai, Flixel CMO:

“Blockchain’s value in the broken digital advertising ecosystem is undeniable. Adbank has shown that they get these problems on a fundamental level and has an approach that shows empathy for the challenges faced by both advertisers and publishers. It’s refreshing to finally have data that is trustworthy and transparent.”

Adbank CMO Angelo Dodaro:

“Pilots like this are critical to getting valuable feedback that will help us achieve product-market fit as quickly as possible. Both Adweek and Flixel are world class when it comes to their knowledge of advertising; adapting to their needs for this campaign and finding out what’s most important to them has been worth its weight in gold.”

The applications of the AI and blockchain leveraging AdBank is indeed a futuristic application with no comparable historical projects. Stay tuned and don’t miss the future with us. The Future is Now!

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