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The World of Web3 – A New Film by #TheFutureisNowFilm Series Creates Mass Adoption for Web3

This article originally appeared on the front page of Live Bitcoin News on June 2nd 2023.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to dive deep into the world of Web3? What lurks around those corners? Is this a path of decentralization and salvation of humanity’s monotonous jobs and rather boring dogma-like lifestyles that have so far kept the human kind working in silos and well, working in on-end? Or is it just a bridge to a much more centralized conditioning of the human psyche.

Considering today’s financial climate, the dollar’s obvious decline, BRICS nations announcing a gold backed digital currency, the clash of CBDC and Bitcoin’s Web3 is certainly coming to a climax. Yet the industry of blockchain and Web3 that undoubtedly has been made popular due to Bitcoin’s mass adoption, still to this day promotes the idea of monetary and data sovereignty, while successfully attracting thousands of people daily who open their wallets, get a bit of crypto and find themselves deep in the world of Web3.

2020 marked a big year for cryptocurrency mass adoption, as people had what seemed back then an endless amount of time to get into the topic and read Satoshi’s white-paper thanks to the pandemic. Two years prior to that, on the brink of Bitcoin’s beyond-20k unprecedented bull run, a film series by the name of #TheFutureisNowFilm came to be. Created by an American filmmaker Miguel Francis-Santiago who radically changed his career path from being a journalist in the world of current affairs, geopolitics & more, to a roving crypto documentarist traveling the world and exposing both the good and the bad but most of all all the excitement behind the industry of Blockchain, through a unique cinematic approach that over the 5 years has had no analogues to the film series he currently creates with his team, which has an uncanny name by today’s standards – “The Future is Now“, implying that every moment counts and all we truly have is the present, for the past we cannot change and the future we cannot truly predict.

Its latest iteration called “The World of Web3” being the 18th edition of the series, the filmmaker takes us on a ride through today’s Dubai industry of decentralization and its milestones with such prominent figures like one of the prime authorities on crypto in the region Dr. Marwan AlZarouni of Dubai Blockchain Center, appointed by The Ruler of Dubai H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin-Rashid Al Maktoum himself to help co-create Dubai as a harbor of innovation. According to Dr. Marwan, “Dubai is run as a business, and we prefer to work with only the best of the best”, to no surprise as Dubai clearly has become the epicenter for Web3 and digital currencies in today’s world. However, another not far away Emirate of Ras Al-Khaimah is potentially about to take the lead as it is now officially on verge of becoming a Web3 Hub with licenses available for issuing and distribution of digital currencies.

“If the people of America only knew how the money system works, there’d be a revolution the next day”

says Davinci Jeremie, a famous crypto influencer and Founder of DavinciJ15. While another star of the film, Car Runefelt of The Moon Group, who went from a supermarket clerk about 5 years ago, to now a crypto millionaire driving his Bugatti around Dubai, believes that

“Bitcoin has become the Noah’s Ark, and if you’re not in, you might find the future bleak”

There is certainly truth to this, as more assets devalue and the world clearly feels the effects of the current economic and information war that is happening between quite a few nations, sometimes being compared to a proxy world war.

“The World of Web3” was filmed at the same titled WOW Summit organized by GuyWay Events and the film director’s original idea was to create a guide for anyone entering the space or interested in exploring this industry, says Miguel Francis-Santiago, the CEO and Founder of The Future is Now DAO and the creator of The Future is Now Film:

“I wanted to create a Web3 encyclopedia for people, while telling the story through tangible innovators who have experienced both highs and lows and are ready to speak about their experience to the public”

Miguel certainly achieved this through industry professionals like Ilman Shazhaev of Farcana, which is quite an interesting source for Web3 mass adoption being a 3D-Shooter GameFi Universe where you enter with its native token but you get to win Bitcoin in what was branded as “Play to Hash” algorithm. The company provides mining services as well, and has enabled their data centers to allocate the prize in the form of Bitcoin’s hashrate. Other revolutionary concepts like MediaChain being a gateway for influencers to monetize their art and enter the Web3 space with the help of industry professionals who create incentives for the audience to join the influencer and become a part of his or her community through for example a unique NFT collection – is also certainly a way for mass adoption.

It was interesting to note that traditional market making is not far off from crypto market making and if traditional market makers are essentially gatekeepers for the bank liquidity into clients of interest, in the Web3 world, Market Making Pro with Aleks Gladskih and Mikhail Fillipov provides the lifeline for projects in Web3 and from what they describe does it in the same sometimes astronomical manner like traditional market makers, who according to them are simply world’s top banks like JP Morgan.

Another major influencer in the film happens to be Matthias “Sheikh” Mende, who has been a Dubai Resident for over 5 years now. Heading something called Bonuz Market, Matthias aims to revolutionize the way celebrities interact with their fans, while also giving them the right to distribute control of their celebrity avatars in the Bonuz Metaverse, to the AI itself as an insurance policy after they die! How exciting? Imagine if Larry King or John McAfee would still be alive in the world of the never ending collective AI consciousness of the world wide web 3.0?

The private screening and premiere party was held at the end of April 2023 in Dubai, under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Abdulhakim Al-Maktoum Family Office & Royal Investment Club, while the public release appeared on the film’s YouTube channel a week later. If you are into Web3 or you feel it’s time to let loose and discover, you might want to put this on the schedule if you believe that film, emotions and the excitement this combination can cause may actually move the needle in this tug of war between centralized and decentralized powers through the power of cinema.

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