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Brock Pierce Gives His COVID-19 Global Awakening Take on The Future is Now Digest “Bear Markets Bear The Fruits”

The Future is Now Media Group have launched a YouTube show called The Future is Now Digest, hosted by Miguel Francis-Santiago. Together with the innovators of the future, the show discusses what is ahead for humanity, technology, and the grand scale crisis that is being played out right now around COVID-19.

“Our goal is to deliver important content regarding disruptive technologies, traditional markets, the Bitcoin world along with several other leading industries that are coming out on top amidst the global panic spread by the Coronavirus,” Francis-Santiago said in the introduction.

Brock Pierce, Chairman of Bitcoin Foundation, Partner at Restart Week & Integro Foundation has appeared on the show as one of the first guests of the digest.

Asked about similarities and differences of Bitcoin and COVID-19 that both became “black swans” for the global economy, Pierce found only one thing that they share in common – no one knows where they truly came from. But the other qualities are completely at odds, Brock believes:

“The big difference between the two is that one of them is here to hopefully liberate and bring freedom to the people of the world. The other one is a virus, bringing harm to the people.”

It is not only about physical health which is being harmed, but also the financial and psychological harm, that might lead to even more fatalities than currently caused by the virus itself.

Another issue is what the host called hardening of the digital dictatorship, particularly in China. This includes curfew, increased control over communication networks, along with the deployment of a new surveillance systems capable of tracking social contacts, whether it is a large group or an individual. According to Pierce, this trend is not only the case of China, but more or less all the countries affected by the COVID-19, including the US and EU.

Nevertheless, Pierce saw an unexpected benefit in the Corona Crisis, such as better environment. The lesser economic activity has caused a decrease in pollution levels, which led to the oceans and skies becoming cleaner, quickly filtered by “Mother Gaia” as Brock states. Moreover, the situation of a mass self-isolation is in fact the opportunity for households to move towards individual independence in terms of infrastructure by utilizing more of renewable sources of energy and making their houses more sustainable and free from the energy grid.

“I believe the Coronavirus has triggered a mass awakening. What’s happening is the consciousness of humanity is expanding. Our awareness is expanding. We spend time in our homes, in solitude, not caught in the rat race that life is for most of us” Pierce explained.

Speaking about the performance of the cryptocurrency market, Brock Pierce stressed that digital assets have shown the ability to sustain value and growth during the economic turbulence, unlike classic markets that mainly continue to be dominated by the bear trend, only making things worse.

Most importantly Pierce noted that “Bull markets produce bull…., while bear markets bear the fruits” pointing to the fact that this is the time to look within, and truly use the time to work on your technology.

The Future is Now Digest will be bringing regular shows from two to three times weekly. This past week Miguel Francis-Santiago finished recording episodes with Max Keiser, a prominent Bitcoin Maximalist, a Wall Street trader and TV Host of The Keiser Report that will be coming out this upcoming week, and another episode with John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Anti-virus turned crypto anarchist who is currently in the final stages of releasing the McAfee DEX Exchange and a new privacy coin called “Ghost”. Both episodes promise to shed important details on the current global situation, its origins and possible outcomes. Stay tuned to the future by clicking here.


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