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Betverse Live Beta Launched, for Trial with Real money

PRESS RELEASE – The ongoing brutal crypto bear market has surely adversely affected numerous crypto projects. The Betverse team is not one of them. The team has proudly launched its live beta testing of its platform.

Betverse is a new online skills-based betting website: Users/players can bet real money on themselves in a range of popular mini, indie and big league games and win/earn as they play, level by level. Thus it is a skill based game where one can bet on oneself. The platform is also backed by a liquidity pool exceeding 2 million $. The games can be played without making an account or betting as well.

For now, to stress-test (beta) the platform, only 100 users are selected for the live beta trial, with a max cap of 25$ real money per bet. The bets themselves can be placed in either fiat or crypto currencies. Stay tuned and don’t miss the future. The Future is Now!

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