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IDEX The Highest Volume DEX Integrates with the First Arbitrage Aggregator of Crypto Exchanges

IDEX is the (partially) decentralized exchange for Ethereum based tokens with the highest trading volume. Now, partnership with, the first of its kind arbitrage aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges, IDEX will enjoy a further increase in trading volume and liquidity on their platform. Traders on Arbitraj will also get exposed to additional arbitrage opportunities and liquidity on the IDEX platform.

Alex Wearn, CEO of IDEX:

“IDEX’s integration with Arbitraj is exciting as it will not only expose our trading pairs to a new audience — providing increased liquidity to the exchange — but it will also provide Arbitraj’s growing user base another trusted source for potential arbitrage opportunities when trading their favorite digital assets. We believe integrations like these are key in providing traders with the tools they need to maximize their performance.”

Jason Flack, CEO of Arbitraj:

“The evident synergy between Arbitraj and IDEX makes us very happy and will allow us to establish a great partnership, which will lead to liquidity and additional arbitrage opportunities to previously illiquid markets.” provides arbitrage opportunities to worldwide crypto traders and investors from crypto exchanges around the world. Custom alerts to their platform is presently available. A proprietary API to aid developers and provide data on historical trends, and transactions is expected to be shortly released. Stay tuned and don’t miss the future with us. The Future is Now!

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