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Analytical Review – HollyWoodCoin (HWC)

HollyWoodCoin (HWC) is a company that is currently trading on two crypto exchanges Alpha BTC and Bit-Z and has done so without doing an ICO or raising any funds. They currently listed on CoinMarketCap and have an average daily trading volume of $270,000 dollars. Their product is their coin while their service is a contractual agreement with a company that represents the world’s second fastest super-computer Sunway Taichu Light located in China. They are currently offering rendering services using this super-computer, which you can pay for only by the HWC coin. Their aim is to disrupt the Hollywood’s multi billion dollar movie industry by offering a wide array of GFX and rendering services on the par with Hollywood’s top GFX studios. Considering that experts say that by 2040 the film industry will become one of the top 5 economic sectors in the world, we here at ‘The Future is Now’ thought this project is worth taking a look.

Let the competition begin!

Could you explain in layman’s terms how HollyWoodCoin will solve the problems at different production stages in a multibillion industry such as Hollywood and the movie industry in general?

Aspiring producers and movie enthusiasts often face a serious obstacle when it comes to finding huge computing power for CGI that’s now used left, right and center. Expensive licenses and the long wait make it difficult for them to make movies and do better than their competitors. Our solution will enable the members of the HollyWoodCoin community to effectively overcome these limitations regardless of their location. The capacity of a world-class Chinese supercomputer combined with the video rendering service that offers an efficient and reasonably priced resource-lending system will let regional movie production companies put incredibly realistic CGI in their films, have more resolution options (which is especially relevant for China, Japan and Korea, where 8K resolution is actively promoted), and use HDR and similarly realistic effects. Moreover, we will provide standard-architecture supercomputers to the users who need them for commercial purposes. With our help, the members of the HollyWoodCoin community will get access to cutting-edge technology, while special membership discounts and loyalty programs will make our offer unique in terms of price range.

As for leading global film studios, we can offer them rendering services for feature films at a faster rendering speed than ever, making it several times shorter and thus cutting the production costs for moviemakers significantly.

I believe that in order to be able to make such a project work your team needs to both have profound expertise in cinema industry and access to the most advanced visual content production technologies. What makes you think that you’re competent enough to launch such a service (project)?

We’ve been running this project for only six months now, but we have a fairly strong international team and some great partners with outstanding competencies, among them architects and creators of the supercomputers in the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi and other centers, and such top field experts as NebojsaNovakovicwho has had 20 years of experience working with supercomputer technologies in Asia, including Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Jean-Colas Prunier, a Hollywood CGI and visual effects star expert with over 20 years of experience.
He has been involved in production of visual effects for major blockbusters for the past 15 years.

Right now, we are collaborating with Jean-Colas Prunier on production of a new-generation digital content creation tool for the Media & Entertainment field that will be the corner stone in our HWC project. The project will consist of the following components:

  1. Training
  2. Tools for content creation
  3. A portal forindividualdevelopers that will include:
  • an online sales point for proprietary 3D-model assets
  • a crowdfunding platform where devopers will be able to pitch their projects (HWC Crowdfunding)
  • a demo platform for ready projects (a HWC-payable Netflix-type cinemaplatform)
  1. A newtype of 3D cinema service:
  • viewable on all known devices;
  • interactive viewing option with the latest-generationmixed-realityheadset powered by a custom-developed Esperanto-based ( graphics chip.
As I understand it, within your community you can help an employer find the right person for the job or even the right movie industry company that could provide certain services, am I right? How do you plan to accomplish that?

Yes, that’s right. We are going to do that via our social network and our community. For this purpose we’ll hold mini-hackathons in our social network to determine the best of the best. The main prize would be the opportunity to work with leading movie industry companies. Ultimately, we will be bringing together employers and contractors working in the movie industry.

My next question is about your target audience – cinema industry is a small world, as is the community of VFX experts, and this kind of work is usually not their full-time employment anyway, so how large do you think is the potential audience for your services? How do you plan to make a client list for your project? What’s your marketing strategy?

In order to promote video rendering services powered by the world’s number one super computer, Sunway Taihu Light, we created a new brand called HWC Global Render, and right now we are developing a unique global-scale rendering farm.We expect the first contracts with some Russian film studios to be signed as early as in August. After that, onсe we have created this unique offer on the global market for such services, we are going to launch a massive advertising and marketing campaign with the help of top experts from Russia and Singapore to attract clients from India, Europe and the Unites States.

We are also working with Russia’s biggest cinema chains now in order to promote and boost demand for our cryptocurrency. It’s our HWCCinema project. The idea is that absolutely anyone, even people that are very far from the cryptocurrency and blockchain world will be entitled to a 50% discount on cinema tickets in exchange for a Hollywoodcoin purchase. We are going to roll out the project in Russia and then expand to Europe in autumn and in the United States next year.

Speaking of further promotion efforts, we are also planning to start trading Hollywoodcoin at some of the world’s top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges this year.

Your project includes a referral program for further upscaling and developing the HWC into the cinema industry’s first ever social network for freelancers. How do you plan to implement this idea?

There are many platforms for freelancers out there but none of them are fully suited to the needs associated with the cinema production process. Our environment will attract people from different markets, such as for instance advertising and marketing experts, who will now be able to have video products made very fast and in great quality (that’s because the Adobe Flash market niche is vacant and all available tools are either too complex or require knowledge of Javascript), or animation experts who will be able to have 3D-models made for them, and on top of that we’ll be selling some finished products. We are also creating a training system and tools to make it available to anyone, and that’s how we’ll be able to track talents. All of the above will lay the groundwork for a social network for freelancers.

Tells us how you became an exclusive representative of the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, home to the world’s most powerful supercomputer!

Well, it’s worth noting that we represent the Wuxi National Supercomputing Center exclusively only in the area of rendering services for cinema industry, not across all areas where Sunway Taihu Light could be used. This happened thanks to a good relationship with our key partner, Singapore-based MGN Digital PTE LTD. It’s a high-end team of IT, CG, integrated circuit development, processor and supercomputer development experts who are directly involved with the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi.

Could you speak in more detail about your business model and revenue generation plan? What revenue target do you expect to reach in 2019?

We plan to attract large numbers of new clients through promotion and our HWC Cinema project. Each client will become a cryptocurrency investor holding some Hollywoodcoins, which will keep boosting the HWC exchange value. We plan to hit the target of $100/1 HWC in December 2018. Our revenue will be generated by growing liquidity and value of our currency; and in 2019, we also plan our HWC Global Render project to begin generating revenue of $1.3 million per year.

What is your website’s daily traffic volume today? Let’s say, you’ll get 50 VFX jobs ordered tomorrow, will you be able to handle all of them?

Through rendering capacities lease option, our clients will have a direct access to SunwayTaihuLight, the world’s most powerful 125-pentaflopsupercomputer, which rules out any traffic problems regardless of the number of simultaneous jobs on the roster. This will also solve the waiting problem for clients of today’s rendering farms that have to wait-list them because of a limit on their ability to do numbers of complex professional projects at a time.

Are you planning any more partnership deals in the nearest future to get more experts on your team?

Yes, we are about to sign a deal with Elephant Marketing agency that will promote the HWC project globally (building brand awareness, ensuring media support, communicating with investors, developing and implementing social media marketing strategies, securing influencer support, providing road show services, etc.)

We are also currently in negotiations with the Mosfilm film studo and Cinema Park, Formula Kino and KARO cinema chains.
The first contracts with Indian film studios are on track to be signed this autumn.

In August, we plan to open an HWC Ltd. office in Europe. Our team is going to grow as we expand our business.

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