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Absence of Blockchain Use-cases, Future of Crypto, Episode 03 “Crypto Larry King”

Our concluding episode released in 2018 will be Toronto’s Blockchain Futurist Conference, Episode 03 titled ‘Crypto Larry King’. As the years end draws near, the bull market has made a few attempts at recovery and its looking at least hopeful for the future of crypto. But does price really matter? What led to such a crash of ETH in early Fall 2018 and the subsequent further overall crypto dive that the world of blockchain experienced in November? A prelude to all of these questions with detailed answers by some of the giants in the crypto industry can be found in this documentary film episode of ‘The Future is Now’.

Charles Hoskinson CEO of IOHK and Founder of Cardano as well as Ethereum’s original eight, Ryan Taylor the CEO of DASH, Max Keiser of The Keiser Report, Luke Wagman of CoinMarketCap, Eman Pulis from the Malta Blockchain Summit, Chris Spadafora of NorthBlock, Pablo Gonzalez of Genesis Blockchain Technology, Wayne Caines of Bermuda, and even Larry King himself, all make up for some great speakers featured in this episode.

As the recent interview with the producer and host of the film series Miguel Francis-Santiago in Forbes Magazine points out, the market may have took a fall, but the blockchain space is buzzing with an influx of new ideas, new blood and much better hopes for tomorrow. After-all, it is with precisely a hope for a better tomorrow, that Bitcoin and Blockchain technology came to life and have gained its biggest popularity to date in late 2017 and most of 2018.

We wont spoil the episode, but Larry King who is now at 84 has become an advisor of a green-mining company called GEAR, and absolutely with a sound mind and the “eyes of a teenage boy who is always curious” yet with the mind “of a man who has seen it all” claims that “We have to look for better things in our nature, and this technology is one of them”.

Without further ado we give you Episode 03 of our decentralized documentary film series. This is ‘Crypto Larry King’.

Stay tuned for Episode 04 – Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean ‘Screw The Price‘, Episode 05 – Futurama Ibiza ‘Farming The Future‘ and Episode 06 – Malta Blockchain Summit ‘Time For A New World‘ all coming at you shortly after New Year! 

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