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Adbank Announces BLADE Browser Extension & 2019 Roadmap, After a Successful Year

Few ICOs can boast developments at par with goals of their whitepaper. Adbank ICO is one of them.

Adbank aims to vastly reduce inefficiencies and obscurities in the realms of digital advertisement. Many advertisements don’t reach their target audience, even once, despite exorbitant fees charged by middle firms. Moreover, end users and common web browsing folks are also overwhelmed by copious amounts of fraud advertisements. These fraud advertisements seek money by mimicking real counterparts and obtain money promising false services, discounts, etc. It is estimated that up to 70% of advertisement funding is wasted in this manner. Adbank is attempting to solve this highly lucrative problem. Their patented AI will be used for fraud detection. Their tokenized blockchain payment system to use their service allows usage scaling not possible by other means.

Now in their latest update, Adbank has unveiled their browser extension ‘BLADE’ browser extension. This will allow end users of the browser to view the banners distributed and verified (from fraud) by the Adbank Network. Viewers will also earn ADB tokens rewards for viewing Adbank Network banners, thus incentivising the user to watch the advertisements.

Previously, the ICO firm has also formed a strategic partnership with Icocrow to provide customers of Intergalactic Ads access to ad placements on four sites. This will foster growth of both the firms. Stay tuned and don’t miss the future. The Future is Now!

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