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Adobe Photoshop Planning To Roll Out NFT Verification Feature

Adobe, developer of the world’s most sought-after digital creators software, is entering into the NFTs domain.

A new feature on Adobe Photoshop will permit artists to substantiate that they are the creators of artwork on Non Fungible Token marketplaces, as per a recent blog post published by Adobe recently.

The feature, dubbed Content Credentials, can capture the identity data of an image which is edited on the software and stored as metadata. It is to be noted that the aforementioned feature is optional, and the organisation has launched a website where the credential metadata of images can be verified.

Moreover, the platform’s users can link their Adobe accounts, and Content Credentials, with social media profiles or digital asset wallets. If they then sell their art as non fungible tokens, the marketplaces will be able to show a digital certificate based on the Adobe-verified credentials. The credentials will also be linked on Adobe’s online portfolio site, Behance.

Adobe has formed partnerships with a couple of NFT marketplaces including KnownOrigin, OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible to show the credentials on their platforms.

It is to be noted that the Content Credentials feature is being rolled out to Photoshop users in beta mode. The features were declared during Adobe Max, the company’s annual conference.

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