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AI Based IBM Watson Can Now Interpret Idioms After Recent Update

AI researchers at IBM have introduced a significant upgrade to their proprietary Watson computer, permitting it to decipher the meaning of idioms for the first time.

IBM mentions that the aforementioned update makes it the 1st commercial Artificial Intelligence based system capable of recognizing, understanding and evaluating some of the most stimulating features of the English language.

IBM said,

“This is why we believe that advancing our ability to capture, analyse, and understand more from language with NLP will help transform how businesses utilise their intellectual capital that is codified in data.”

IBM declared the furtherance as part of a new suite of Watson technologies focussed on NLP, that will be executed from its Project Debater AI system. As per IBM, it marks the “first commercialisation of major NLP proficiencies and will mean Watson is the only AI system capable of debating humans on complex topics”.

The new degree of interpretation will have instantaneous application in domains like customer care, where the repeated use of informal language has made precise comprehension, categorization, and analysis arduous.

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