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Akon’s Cryptocurrency Trial Heralded A Success, Looking For Nationwide Rollout

Akoin, the digital asset project developed by Senegalese-American singer Akon, has attained success in its commencing trial at western Kenya’s Mwale Medical Technology City (MMTC) creating the path for a national rollout in the imminent future.

The trial, which started in the month of November last year, is anticipated to make the path for five million dollars worth of transactions per month at MMTC, as per a spokesperson for Mwale Medical Technology City. According to previous reports, the trial stage permitted residents to pay and be paid using Akoin and have the transactions changed instantly into cell phone minutes or other forms of exchange.

The spokesperson mentioned,

“A major launch event scheduled for September will include the launch of a new hospital wing in MMTC and the activation of Akoin across 5,000 beds at the Hamptons Hospital and 30,000 transactions per month utilizing Akoin’s Atomic Swap technology, Merchant Services, and Akoin Credit and Debit Cards.”

The spokesperson further elucidated that, by the culmination of next year, Akoin is anticipated to become the “second most popular payment platform after M-Pesa,” a mobile-phone based money transfer and micro-financing service well liked in Africa and other regions of the developing world.

Notably, Mwale Medical Technology City is elucidated as a newly built city enclosing a state-of-the-art medical and technology complex. The trial of Akoin was seen as a stepping stone for the digital asset being adopted by the highly progressive Akon City project in Senegal.

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