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Apple Co-founder’s Cryptocurrency Token Doubles In Price Overnight

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s new virtual currency is less than a week old. Nevertheless, the price of the digital asset is unquestionably headed in a promising direction.

The cryptocurrency dubbed Efforce (which goes by the symbol- WOZX), recently touched a high of 2.77 USD on cryptocurrency exchange HBTC, where it exclusively launched on 3rd December. Recently, it went as low as 1.32 USD. At the time of reporting, it is trading at around 2.47 USD.

It is to be noted that Efforce is a blockchain-based project co-founded by Steve Wozniak that permits individuals to invest in energy efficiency projects by obtaining tokenized future savings, as per its website.

Furthermore, the digital asset is only obtainable on HBTC cryptocurrency exchange, which is based out of Singapore. Also, the token is paired only with the Tether stablecoin. Because of this, it is not available to US investors yet. The digital asset is set to be launched on Bithumb Global this month.

Recently, Efforce boasted that WOZX had a nine hundred and fifty million USD market capitalization within minutes of its HBTC listing. As per CoinGecko, the market capitalization of the token is around forty-five million USD.

Notably, the total number of WOZX is limited to 1 billion only. Furthermore, Efforce has mentioned that no more tokens will ever be minted.

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