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Apple Has Been ‘Very Hostile’ Towards Crypto, Says Coinbase CEO

In an Aug. 23 tweet, Brian Armstrong, the CEO of crypto exchange Coinbase called out tech giant Apple for being very obstructive and unfriendly towards the digital asset domain over the past few years.

He elucidates that the corporation is hindering Coinbase Earn, the initiative that lets users to earn virtual assets by acquiring knowledge about them:

“Apple has been very restrictive and hostile to cryptocurrency over the years. They’re still blocking some functionality right now, including the ability to earn money with cryptocurrency by completing tasks, and unrestricted dapp browsers.”

Armstrong mentioned that the incapability of Apple users to use dApps was certainly ill-fated to witness:

“This is an important area of innovation in finance, and many developers and early adopters of this technology have millions of USD worth of crypto tied up in these financial applications, which they will no longer be able to use on Apple mobile devices if this app store policy continues.”

While the computing giant stays on sidelines of the digital asset boom, the vice president of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey told CNN that virtual currency had “long-term potential” last year:

“We think it’s interesting. We think it has interesting long-term potential.”

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