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Argentina Congress Members Submit Bill To Permit Workers To Accept Salary In Bitcoin

Workers in Argentina may be able to accept remuneration in terms of Bitcoin and store their wealth without apprehension of inflation.

The “Pay Me In Bitcoin” movement just got a lot stronger recently when a member of Argentina’s National Congress, José Luis Ramón, declared that he presented a bill that would permit workers in a dependency relationship and exporters of services to have the option of accepting their salary in terms of crypto (specifically Bitcoin).

He mentioned the most impactful message in the last sentence. He said,

“The idea is that they can strengthen their autonomy and conserve the purchasing power of their remuneration.”

The citizens of Argentina have been dealing with outrageous amounts of hyperinflation in the Argentine peso. This resulted in them being incapable of saving their wealth. Considering the core inflation rate for the nation’s legal currency, they are in dire need of BTC.

Ramón further stated,

“This initiative stems from the need to promote greater autonomy and governance of wages, without this implying a loss of rights or exposure to situations of abuse within the framework of the employment relationship.”

As per Acuant, only around forty eight percent of the Argentine citizens have a bank account. Still seventy eight percent have internet access. More individuals than ever before in the country will be able to get paid in, store their wealth in, and spend their money in BTC, thus making their quality of life better.

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