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Artificial Intelligence Based Company Tracks Real-Time Coronavirus Spread Data

HealthMap, an AI company, is displaying it’s coronavirus proliferation map in real time using AI. The development is first reported by Wall Street Journal on March 5.

John Brownstein, the co-founder of HealthMap, shared that other coronavirus tackers update their data once a day. Therefore, the team behind HealthMap discerned that there is a demand for real-time informationabout the speed of the outburst.

It is to be noted that in order to predict the virus spread, HealthMap uses natural language processing to investigate all categories of data inputs. These include government reports, news reports as well as social media. Real-time data on established cases is being automatically pictured as a map with the software mapping program.

Furthermore, Brownstein commented that HealthMap’s coronavirus working group is presently working on particularizing the data sets, analyzing information on indications, gender, age, and several other factors in order to deliverfurther deep insights into the virus eruption.

The death toll due to Coronavirus is increasing day by day. Amidst such an outburst, real-time mapping of the virus proliferation can prove to be really useful for health care agencies and governments around the world.

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