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Australia Unveils Proposal To Allow Over The Counter CBD Sales, Opens Public Comment Window

On Friday, the Therapeutic Goods Administration under Australia’s Department of Health divulged a proposal to reschedule CBD. The reschedule would permit for specific CBD products to be vended over the counter. The Therapeutic Goods Administration has opened a public comment window that will shutter next month.

Presently, CBD preparations are positioned in Schedule 4. It is allowed for therapeutic use only if ninety eight percent of the preparation’s cannabinoid content is CBD. One suggested amendment would add to that description “except when included in Schedule 3.”

One more anticipated modification would reserve Schedule 3 for CBD preparations that: are “either plant derived, or when synthetic only comprises the (-) CBD enantiomer, have a maximum suggested daily dose that is sixty mg or less of cannabidiol and are in packs containing not more than thirty days’ supply.”

In addition to the above, the ninety eight percent rule from Schedule 4 also applies. Moreover, these products can only be vended to those who are eighteen or older in age.

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