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Baidu VP: Metaverse App Might Take Six Years For Full Launch

Baidu, the Chinese internet giant, does not anticipate to fully roll out its XiRang metaverse app soon regardless of the app’s primary debut was scheduled for Monday, as per a senior executive.

Ma Jie, the vice president of Baidu, is of the opinion that it is still a “negative six” years to a full launch of XiRang, according to a recent CNBC report. He mentioned that the development of the app began in the month of December 2020.

Ma mentioned about the “Create 2021,” Baidu’s upcoming annual developers’ event, which the organization promotes as the primary Chinese conference to be hosted in a metaverse space through XiRang. The app will purportedly handle up to a hundred thousand virtual members interacting with each other using metaverse avatars at the 3-day conference.

The executive mentioned that Baidu intends to form an open-source platform targeting metaverse developers, providing a building infrastructure in the virtual world.

It is to be noted that Baidu, which is one of the biggest internet search engine companies in China, officially joined the metaverse domain by applying for the trademark “metapp” in the month of October, this year. The organisation then released its 1st metaverse app XiRang, with some of the first XiRang’s virtual properties seemingly becoming available for users as of early November.

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