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Belarus Initiates Special Electricity Tariff for Digital Asset Miners

Belarus has classified digital asset miners in the same electricity-tariff grouping as data centers, as per a directive mutually issued by the Ministry of Anti-Monopoly and Ministry of Energy.

Virtual currency miners are now being classified in the same class as data centers. The regulation was issued last month and made public on Thursday, adding 2 categories of customers to the earlier rankings.

Interestingly, one of the aforementioned groups is:

“Organizations processing data, providing services for information storage and related activities, including mining and data centers.”

The aforementioned group is further segregated into 5 sub-groups, on the basis of how much electricity they use, from twenty five million kilowatt hours to five hundred million kWh this year.

Notably, the aforementioned directive does not disclose prices for electricity, which are expounded by other regulating documents.

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