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Binance Launches First Ever Customer Service Center In Turkey

The biggest digital asset exchange in the world, Binance has launched its customer service center in Turkey, according to a recent report. The crypto exchange picked the nation after establishing a local entity 2 years ago for adopting it as its pilot nation.

The outstanding level of traffic that Binance receives from Turkey might also be one of the reasons behind the crypto exchange’s decision.

As per Similarweb data, Turkey, which is planning on digital asset laws, accounts for over seven percent of desktop browser visitation to the exchange’s main platform.

As per a recent announcement, the digital asset exchange will provide 24/7 customer service to its Turkish consumers through its app. If the primary trial in Turkey proves to be a success, the crypto exchange plans to expand the service globally.

In addition to expanding its services and upgrading the user experience, Binance is also aiming to increase its position in traditional markets by investing in businesses from all domains of the economy.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is of the opinion that “forcing established enterprises to adopt crypto will put pressure on the slow-movers and raise market rivalry” to boost digital asset adoption and diversify the firm’s revenue.

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