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BitBoy Crypto Warns That He’s Planning Something That “Will Permanently Change Crypto”

Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy Crypto, informed his followers that he is planning something which will change the digital asset domain forever. BitBoy Crypto is a Youtube influencer that has more than one and a half million followers on his YouTube account.

He said,

“I’m working on something huge. So big that it will permanently change crypto as we know it. We are going to be taking power from the ultimate gatekeepers in the United States government. That’s all I can say for now.”

A CNBC Report shows that BitBoy Crypto and other virtual asset influencers openly accept large virtual asset promotions to promote various digital currency projects. He also confirmed that he might easily make 100k USD per month only through his promotions.

The United States government only recently declared that they would forbid United States natives from interacting with crypto mixers like Tornado Cash. Forks of Tornado Cash and other substitutes to use Tornado Cash after the ban are already being posted all over Twitter.

It is unclear whether Bitboy is planning to do something related with the recent sanctions or if his tweet is altogether unrelated.

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