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Bitcoin Advocate Brock Pierce Declares Nomination For 2020 Presidential Run

The United States is gearing up for the imminent 2020 election amidst a miserable economic milieu wrecked by the coronavirus epidemic.

A jam-packed Democratic key field has given way to former vice president Joe Biden, the likely nominee, who is set to take on the present US president for the White House in the month of November.

Recently, the candid rapper Kanye West declared that he will be running for the forty sixth United States president. Subsequent to that, the crypto-billionaire former child actor-turned-digital asset advocate Brock Pierce has announced his intention to run for the presidential elections.

The chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of bitcoin and digital currency-focused VC firm Blockchain Capital, Brock Pierce has mentioned that he will be running for the United States president in the 2020 election.

In his campaign launch video, Pierce said,

“Technology is a solution we should be proactively using. (…) What’s served us in the past will not serve us in the future.”

Notably, Pierce is not the 1st crypto investor to run for the United States presidency. The contentious and opinionated software pioneer, John McAfee ran in 2016 and is allegedly planning to run again this year.

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