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Bitcoin Price Surges Upward, Crosses Fifteen Thousand USD Mark

The price of Bitcoin has crossed the significant level of fifteen thousand USD and has made a yearly all-time high of 15,950 USD. Notably, this figure is not seen since January 2018, which was visible shortly after BTC’s impressive 2017 bull run. Furthermore, this sustained push upwards has put over ninety seven percent of BTC holders into profit.

It has been a strong couple of weeks for the crypto asset’s price. On 8th September, Bitcoin was sitting around the ten thousand USD level. Subsequent to that, the cryptocurrency has rocketed upwards, crossing through numerous noteworthy price targets and now attaining the mark of fifteen thousand USD.

So far, it has been a good year for BTC’s price. Since the beginning of the year, cryptocurrency is now up over hundred percent.

The price rally has aided Bitcoin to attain a new landmark in the number of days it has remained above the ten thousand USD mark. While it infrequently dipped back through it, it has opened and closed the trading day above the price of ten thousand USD for hundred days now and counting. Although the price of BTC used to recurrently fall below that mark, it now appears to be a noteworthy distance away from the present value.

Furthermore, it is to be noted that the realized market cap of Bitcoin is accomplishing new highs, suggesting that Bitcoin’s value is successfully breaking new highs.

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