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Brazil’s University of Sao Paulo Becomes First Latin American University To Own Lands in the Metaverse

The University of Sao Paulo is partnering with Radio Caca to put up a virtual headquarters in the metaverse and study its likely applications.

The USP recently signed a collaboration agreement with Radio Caca to study different educational applications within the United States of Mars metaverse by operating a couple of virtual lands inside the metaverse.

As per the official information shared by the University of São Paulo, its team will evaluate the different economic and legal aspects of the metaverse while creating research programs to understand its inner workings and limitations.

In this way, the University of Sao Paulo is set to become the first Latin American university to enter a metaverse hand in hand with Radio Caca and other international universities. Nonetheless, beyond the academic domain, other key institutions are experimenting with opening offices in the metaverse.

One of the most fascinating points is that the University of São Paulo will have its own “virtual lands” where it will construct a headquarters so that its students and employees can work alongside each other “in a virtual, augmented or mixed reality environment.”

In other words, any student will be able to enjoy the immersive experience offered by metaverse interactions. This might fundamentally alter how students enjoy their academic life and opens up the debate on the probability of a fully functional university running only in the metaverse.

The project itself is quite aspiring. Apart from the United States of Mars, it counts on the support of the University Blockchain Research Initiative, which is sponsored by Ripple, one of the most pertinent organizations in the digital asset domain.

Notably, the experiment might be potentially helpful for different research areas including 3D Modeling, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, remote education, and psychology studies, just to name a few.

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