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Breaking Down the 2024 Bitcoin Halving: Implications for Miners

The 2024 Bitcoin halving, scheduled for April 19, 2024, is a significant event that will reduce the block subsidy for miners from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. This halving will cut the reward miners receive for their efforts. Historically, such events have caused major shifts in the mining landscape, impacting economic and operational aspects of Bitcoin mining.

Economic Outlook and Market Predictions

  • Immediate Impact: After the halving, miner revenue will significantly decrease due to the reduced block subsidy. This may lead to a decline in the hashrate as less efficient miners become unprofitable and exit the network.
  • Hashrate Adjustments: Luxor’s Hashrate Index Research Team estimates that 3-7% of Bitcoin’s hashrate could go offline if prices remain stable. However, if prices fall, up to 16% of the hashrate may become economically unviable.
  • Projected Hashrate: Luxor’s analysis suggests that the network’s hashrate could range from 639 EH/s to 674 EH/s by year’s end, reflecting adjustments to the new earning potential post-halving.

ASIC Pricing and Breakeven Points

  • Profitability Challenge: Post-halving, only the most efficient ASIC models will remain profitable. Lower rewards mean miners must operate efficiently unless Bitcoin’s price sees a significant increase.
  • Next-Gen ASICs: Projections indicate that next-generation ASICs like the S19 XP and M30S++ may have breakeven power costs ranging from $0.07/kWh to $0.15/kWh, depending on post-halving hashprice.
  • Repricing of ASICs: Historical data shows that ASIC prices correlate with hashprice. The expected reduction in hashprice will likely lead to a downward adjustment in ASIC values, affecting older and less efficient models.

Custom ASIC Firmware Post-Halving

  • Efficiency Enhancement: Miners are turning to custom ASIC firmware (e.g., LuxOS and BraiinsOS) to optimize power usage and hashrate output. Underclocking an S19 with custom firmware can extend its viability even at lower hashprices.

2024 Bitcoin Halving and Beyond

Challenges and Opportunities: The 2024 halving will reshape the mining landscape. Strategic planning, economic forecasts, and operational efficiency will be crucial for miners to thrive in the post-halving environment.

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