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BTC Google Searches Decline To Lowest Levels Since 2020

In line with the inadequacy of gigantic price movements from BTC, the number of Google searches for the asset have plummeted to the lowest levels since late 2020.

The popular Bitcoin Fear and Greed index has settled in a “fear” territory despite Bitcoin’s 2-day recovery after the sub 40k USD dip.

The number of queries on the world’s largest search engine typically shows the conduct of smaller investors, which tend to come at the scene amid the most worthwhile bull runs. This was the case earlier in late 2017 when Bitcoin skyrocketed to its then-ATH at around twenty thousand dollars.

Nonetheless, the digital asset began going back once again, leading to an around fifty percent drop in about half a year. Somewhat expectedly, Google Trends data now shows that the “Bitcoin” searches have dropped and have plunged to lows last seen in the month of December 2020.

Earlier in the month of March, when Bitcoin was moving towards the fifty thousand dollars mark, the metric went into extreme greed for the 1st time since November. Nevertheless, as Bitcoin began to cool off and even dropped under forty thousand dollars in the month of April, the Index went down to extreme fear.

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