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BTC Hits 8,000 USD! Why? Brandon Synth’s Inside, Deutsche Bank, Rothschilds, Malta, Coinsbank and more!

OP-ED MAY 14 2019 – The so called “Nuclear Crypto Winter” settled shortly after the last Malta Blockchain Summit in November 2018, due to Bakkt delaying it’s long awaited launch among others issues of course, all of which had caused the ever so sensitive crypto community to begin massive dumps. Little did they know that Brandon Synth, one of the early Bitcoin developers who helped Satoshi fix code issues with BTC in its infancy, as well as the Founder and CEO of Skycoin, had a whole array of facts he claimed he gathered from his personal interactions with developers behind Deutsche Bank, as well as crypto exchanges owned by the Rothschild Group, and JP Morgan lobbying to change laws to allow for the so called powers-that-be take over of the crypto world. For a deeper dive into that interview, you can watch our latest Episode 06 “Building a New World” of The Future is Now Film Series.

Now as the 2nd edition of the rebranded Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit rolls around for May 23rd and 24th 2019, the overall blockchain space is being hit with much good news and Bitcoin’s price literally skyrockets in a matter of a week from 5,000 to 8,000 USD. Yes, in part because again of our beloved Bakkt, finally setting the test date for BTC Futures for July 2019.

Major players in the crypto communities across the globe exhale commemorating their long awaited release through tweets and facebook posts. John McAfee proposes to help Binance in its security from cyber-attacks and Binance CEO accepts queuing the crowds a thought that might sound like this “If we are united we rise, if we go our own ways we fall” and after-all McAfee as controversial as he may be, is still one of the brightest minds on cyber-security. WholeFoods stores in the U.S. along with other major retailers begin accepting Bitcoin while major companies in the business sector are testing Blockchain for its inventory and logistics. Even retailers of top posh fashion brands like Louis Vuitton realize it might be better to keep our things authentic and on the blockchain. Major IT companies of course not lagging too far behind with Microsoft building its decentralized identity network on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and Facebook coming out with its own coin. This all seems too good to be true after so much FUD had been instilled into people’s lives in late 2018, doesn’t it? Especially for those who eat, sleep and drink crypto that is. But guess what, it’s true, it’s happening, the future is now.

What does this mean for the crypto world? Are we flying back to the moon? We actually always were, some of us just didn’t know it, some of us didn’t believe, but as governments again and again show the world that they fail its people, that they fail its children, that they fail this planet, and fail this so called democracy among many other things, those with a straight head on their shoulders look to blockchain, the young and vibrant crypto community, innovative tech, A.I., IoT and even quantum technology as a way into a better future. Did I mention that all of this is waiting for you at the Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit 2019 with surprisingly government support? Yeap, I now did!

When we released the latest Episode 06 of our film series with Brandon Synth‘s inside some people looked at us funny. Brandon gave us his inside right before Bitcoin’s price crashed in late November, as we released the film however the price only started seeing some signs of life, and those that cared about the price and tied it to Bitcoin’s success now realize how very wrong they were to doubt some of the things the man said.

We had more than enough crypto gurus in our documentaries explaining why the price is NOT important, it’s all about use-cases, it’s all about the tech! Yet for the average public out there, price is the direct correlation of Bitcoin’s worldly success. Nevertheless Max Keiser, John McAfee, Miko Matsumura, Marc P. Bernegger and many more prominent blockchain stars out there wouldn’t agree. But here is the kicker, doesn’t it make sense for technology and price to essentially find the same leveling field once the value of the technology equalizes with its price? And how does this happen? Perhaps just like it happened with the FANG‘s (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google). As soon as more mass adaption takes place, the stock becomes stable and we see its true value. Bingo!

Brandon Synth spoke to the developers at Deutsche Bank asking them – why are you getting into blockchain? The answer was – if there is a system that is going to be the next big thing we might as well own it. Rothschild Group owned a company that had asked Skycoin’s developers to create a powerful exchange, while JP Morgan along some other major American banking institutions are bending the laws to get into pension funds on the blockchain, claims Synth. Microsoft, Louis Vuitton and WholeFoods are pretty juicy business establishments with major micro economies of their own, and these are just some of the more known giants that are taking up Bitcoin and Blockchain into their organisms in the past few months. To say that this validates some of Synths claims could be a long shot, but then again, why not? The global economic powerhouses are centralized to its core and in this info age we all know this more than ever. From the 6 major mainstream media companies that control what you see, read and hear on the radio to top food companies that control what you eat and drink, the brands above aren’t excluded from this economic powerhouse of the modern centralized capitalism (cabal?). Is it a validation of this industry that these corporate moguls are rushing into this space? Perhaps. Is it a take over? Surely an attempt yes. But most importantly – it is mass adoption in its glory. And if this so called cabal doesn’t take too long to adopt this technology, then just maybe McAfee won’t have to eat his junk.

This is only the beginning, brace yourselves for the moon ride and we will see you at the next Malta A.I & Blockchain Summit 2019 as well as the Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise 2019, and keep an eye out for our next Episode 07 “Unconfiscatable” airing this month, which takes us to Las Vegas for Tone Vays‘s Bitcoin Maximalist gathering going back to the mothership of it all. I salute you decentralized nomads, keep warm.

— Editor-in-Chief Miguel Francis-Santiago

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