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Cardano Surpasses Binance Coin In Market Cap, Becomes Third Largest Cryptocurrency

Notwithstanding the major crash of the crypto markets, Cardano has overtaken BNB’s spot as the 3rd largest crypto asset by market cap.

Subsequent to a couple of weeks of remarkable price performance, ADA has managed to challenge the markets and advance its price throughout a bloodbath instigated by BTC’s largest price drop in history, dethroning BNB in the process.

Presently, ADA has a market cap of over 41 Billion USD, almost 6 Billion USD greater than BNB, whose market cap is 35.4 Billion USD, at press time.

As per the co-Founder of MuKn, Francois-Rene Rideau, the partnership with Cardano helped the development process of Glow, a domain-specific language that will permit easy development of dApps on Cardano. He said:

“Writing a DApp is the single hardest thing to do, because you can’t afford any mistakes … Existing developer tools didn’t measure up to the task of creating secure DApps in this adversarial environment, so MuKn decided to create those tools with Glow. IOHK is a great partner for us because both companies are founded on the principle of thinking in the long term rather than what only works for today. We want to build on stone, not quicksand.”

Overall, the Cardano ecosystem has much to rejoice. The digital asset is up by 9.5% in the last 24 hours and over 17.1% in the last week. The figures are in stark contrast to its competitors; for instance, BTC has declined by over 17% in the last week, and Ethereum by 23.5%.

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