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CBD Based Products Not Good For Pregnant Women, Says Food Standard Agency

FSA (Food Standard Agency) has recently mentioned that CBD based foods are not appropriately authorised and pregnant ladies should not consume them.

People taking any sort of medication, breastfeeding mothers, and pregnant women should not consume food products having CBD, an ingredient obtained from the cannabis plant.

The FSA also advised others who might eat such foods not to have more than 70mg a day, in its first ever safety suggestion to consumers on CBD based products.

The regulator also gave a warning to CBD based businesses mentioning that goods could be taken off the shelves if those in the sector failed to provide required particulars about the safety and proportions of their products by the end of March next year.

Emily Miles, the Chief Executive Officer of FSA, mentioned,

”The CBD industry must provide more information about the safety and contents of these products to the regulator before 31 March 2021, or the products will be taken off the shelves. Also today, we are advising that CBD could be risky for vulnerable groups, and suggesting an upper limit of 70mg a day for everyone else taking the product.”

What is your opinion about CBD based edible and non-edible products? Let us know in the comments below!

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