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CBD Oil Batch Recalled In US After Testing Positive For Excessive Lead, Says FDA

A batch of CBD oil that was disseminated countrywide in the United States has been called back. FDA took the decision after the sample tested positive for excessive levels of lead. The FDA further warns that consuming the aforementioned oil might possibly trigger lead poisoning. Notably, lead poisoning is a critical illness that may perhaps lead to kidney damage and even shock. Nonetheless, there have not been any customer complaints associated with the CBD.

FDA mentions that it is likely that the CBD oil could result in excessive lead exposure and severe lead poisoning. Symptoms of this condition differ from person to person. It may include complaints similar to muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, low appetite, weight loss, etc.

Consumers are recommended to stay away from using the recalled oil and to return it back to Summit Labs or to the store from where it was purchased. The company is notifying the oil distributors about the latest development using several approaches, including phone calls and even personal visits.

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