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China Develops New Medical Robots To Help Doctors Fight Coronavirus

Researchers in China have developed new medical robots to assist doctors during the coronavirus epidemic, according to the report published by Reuters on 5th March.

Remarkably, medical robots can accomplish tasks that are typically done by doctors on the frontline. These tasks include inspecting the mount, listening to the patient organs with a stethoscope as well as carrying out ultrasound diagnostics.

The chief designer of the robot, Zheng Gangtie mentioned that during the coronavirus eruption, when the virus is just too infectious, robots can perform the most dangerous tasks, without putting the doctors in danger, who are generally in scarce during outbursts.

Gangtie’s team used technologies that were beforehand used in space missions, in order to build the self-governing robotic solution. After taking the feedback from the doctors into account, researchers made the robots less independent, so the doctors could still tranquilize the patients with their attendance.

At the time of reporting, the robotic solution is being tested in Wuhan Union Hospital and Beijing hospitals. Researchers plan to engage additional medical robots to support doctors in their ward rounds around the nation.

Technology is of significant use during outbursts. Several disinfection and medical robots are being deployed in China in order to battle the coronavirus outbreak. Hopefully, the country will be able to tackle the outburst soon.

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