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China Using AI and Drones to Fight Coronavirus Outbreak

China is ostensibly using a combination of AI and drones to keep an eye over its inhabitants. They are using it to make sure that they are taking suitable safeguards to keep the citizens away from coronavirus. Furthermore, it is also supposed that the nation is using AI enabled robots in hospitals to assuage the burden from exhausted medical staff and to provide quicker checks of the widespread virus.

It gives the impression that China has turned to AI technology to battle the epidemic. Videotape of numerous drones flying above in various cities has been shared across different social media sites. The drones are purportedly being used to shout out directions to citizens as to how they can keep themselves safe from the virus. They are also being used to take an estimate of respective body temperatures of citizens, without jeopardizing medical staff.

There appears to be innumerable ways for Artificial Intelligence and drones to help in medical outbursts like coronavirus, and conceivably the methods employed by China will help restrain future pandemic more swiftly.

What do you think about the increased use of technology to curb epidemics? Do you think it can lead to a breach in privacy of individuals? Let us know in the comments below!

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