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Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Using AI To Fight Coronavirus

Baidu, the Chinese internet giant, has developed numerous tools that are useful in generating alertness and screening inhabitants. One of these tools include an AI-powered, non-contact infrared sensor system. It provides users with swift multi-person temperature detection that can rapidly spot an individual if one is suspected of having a fever, which is one of the several indicators of the coronavirus.

The AI powered tool is presently being used in Qinghe Railway Station of Beijing to identify travelers who are possibly ill where it can inspect up to two hundred people in 1 minute without unsettling passenger movement.

Moreover, Baidu also unconfined the 1st open-source model to distinguish whether folks in teeming areas are wearing masks. Interestingly, the aforementioned model claims a classification accuracy of over ninety seven percent with a strong performance in various scenarios.

The CTO at Baidu, Haifeng Wang mentioned,

“We hope that this powerful ability can be quickly leveraged by our researchers and anti-epidemic experts, and work with society as a whole to help improve the speed of virus research and vaccine development.”

With new coronavirus hotspots appearing in Korea, Italy and several other nations, government agencies and establishments like Baidu are using Artificial Intelligence in a miscellany of settings to speed up the containment of the deadly virus.

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