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Coinbase Allegedly Mulling Over Stock Market Listing In The Second Half Of 2020

According to a Reuters report, crypto exchange Coinbase is purportedly getting ready for a United States stock market listing that is anticipated to come by the end of this year.

As per Reuters sources, arrangements for a listing are in progress. However, the exchange still requires the green signal from the SEC. If everything goes positive, this would mark the first time that a digital asset exchange would be listed on conventional bourses. Several mining corporations have already initiated or are getting ready for IPOs.

It is hitherto undecided if the crypto exchange chooses an initial public offering to go together with public trading. While raising further capital is every so often linked with listing, its prevailing shares could merely be made accessible for trading with no added funding.

It is to be noted that the crypto exchange was valued at over eight billion USD in its newest funding round. As per recent reports, the exchange onboarded a new legal counsel lead to manage relations with financial regulators, conceivably in groundwork for the Initial Public Offering.

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