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Coinbase President: Crypto Presently Analogous To Early Days Of Mobile Phones

In terms of espousal, products and services, the digital asset domain has come a long way since the launch of BTC in 2009. Nevertheless, the president and COO of Coinbase, Emilie Choi recently mentioned that the digital asset usage needs to be uncomplicated.

When asked about any noteworthy unpredictability regarding the future of digital assets, Choi told Bloomberg in a May 13 interview,

“It’s about, you know, how do we create the most user-friendly experiences for folks.”

She further said,

“In many ways, I always kind of take the analogy of like the old mobile phones, right, that had these clunky clunky interfaces. We’re in kind of that phase of crypto, so we have to make it more usable. We have to make it more accessible. We have to have more regulatory certainty for certain folks to get off the sidelines and participate.”

The aforementioned comments bring to mind the days of small-screened flip phones offering little or no internet usability in contrast to the present day smartphones. The earlier phones frequently needed texting by means of a keypad with both numbers and letters. This, contrasting present smartphones with huge screens, internet access and numerous keyboard functionalities.

Choi further mentioned,

“We are seeing so much participation now, we feel like there’s just a great opportunity ahead of us.”

Over the last year, the digital asset space has gained a surging amount of mainstream appeal. Such interest has come in line with noteworthy upside price action from BTC and other virtual assets.

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