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Colombian Real Estate Platform Permits Users To Purchase Property With Bitcoin

A Colombian real estate platform is now permitting users to buy properties with BTC. The platform, called La Haus, is promoting BTC payments for a new real estate project in Santa Marta, called Natura City. This is a scaling up of the platform, which has already established such a service in Mexico.

To start the aforementioned initiative in the nation, the platform is featuring a new housing project in an exclusive part of Santa Marta, called Natura City. The location is less than two hundred meters from the Colombian beaches and construction of the complex is estimated for completion by 2025.

The company partnered with payment processor OpenNode for crypto payments and permits allows users to pay for the properties through Lightning Network or on-chain, depending on the requirements of the buyer. The buyer can pay hundred percent of the amount in BTC, or just pay a portion of the total in terms of Bitcoin, paying the remaining amount through traditional avenues.

This is not the first time La Haus has been involved with digital currency payments in the domain. Earlier this year, last month, the organisation began accepting BTC payments for a housing development in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. At that time, La Haus mentioned that its objective was to top up this payment option to all of the properties listed on its platform.

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