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Coronavirus Exterminates China’s Sports and Welfare Lottery Sales In February

Sales of sports and welfare lotteries in China got utterly obliterated as a result of the Covid-19 eruption in the month of February. The sales fetched approximately 1.3 Million Chinese Yuan (around one hundred and ninety thousand USD) for the month.

Lottery sales across almost all regions were suspended from 22nd January to 11 March. Subsequent to that, the Chinese officials gave the green light to recommence activity.

Some specific regions like Hubei where the contagion started, did not recommence sales until 8th April. This brought about 1.3 Million Chinese Yuan in on the spot win games sales from the Sports Lottery. Notably, this was the only money obtained during the month. This signified a key plunge when compared to the February 2019 sales of 23.4 Billion Chinese Yuan.

It comes after January’s sales plunged by around forty four percent on a year-on-year basis, as was affected by the Chinese New Year celebrations – during which sales are stopped – and as the government started to take required steps to decelerate the proliferation of coronavirus.

The above figures signify that on a year to date basis, total lottery sales amounted to 27.2 Billion Yuan, down almost sixty two percent from January and February 2019. The aforementioned figures clearly display the impact of coronavirus on diverse industries and the unprecedented times we are living in!

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