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Coronavirus Scam: Fake Fox News Text Messages Related To CBD Oil Benefits Are Being Circulated

Several researchers are cautioning about fake Fox News on COVID-19 being circulated by scammers by the means of text messages.

Amidst global fears of recession and coronavirus, several scammers are using email to target folks who are anxious about the coronavirus eruption. In addition to emails, masses of text messages are being sent out to Americans, with one pushing a bogus Fox News article promoting CBD oil as a treatment for the deadly virus.

As per researchers at AdaptiveMobile, a telecom security provider, a rapid wave of spam text messages have emerged suddenly. They allegedly contain offers on survival guides, masks, and medically-unproven coronavirus treatments like CBD oil.

Notably, one of those text messages promoting CBD oil as a likely cure includes a hyperlink. The link directs the end user to a made-up Fox News article on the ostensible benefits of the aforementioned supplement.

Subsequent to that, hyperlinks within that article takes the website visitor to other forged websites where they are asked to sign up and purchase the CBD oil. On Thursday, AdaptiveMobile mentioned in a report,

“Regardless of their efficacy, whether the recipient would actually receive any of these items is uncertain.”

Other con messages consist of those presenting payday loans of up to five thousand USD and warnings for breaking news on COVID-19 proliferation in the addressee’s vicinity.

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