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Craig Wright Ostensibly Acknowledges To Hack Mt. Gox Exchange

The legal team of Craig Wright recently seemed to allege that he controls one of the BTC addresses associated with the infamous hack of Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange.

Ricardo Spagni, a Monero core team member, recently tweeted out the aforementioned development hinting at Craig Wright’s association with a BTC wallet related to Mt. Gox exchange.

In a June 12 tweet, Spagni said, “Just so we’re clear, Craig Wright has just openly admitted (via his lawyers) to be the guy that stole 80k BTC from Mtgox.”

Spagni further mentioned,

“The screenshots below show the court documents indicating the ‘1Feex’ address is where the stolen Mt Gox funds were sent. What do you have to say, Calvin Ayre?”

As part of a continuing legal battle, Wright asserts to have at least part ownership of the Tulip Trust. Notably, the Tulip Trust is a list of several BTC wallet addresses holding an allocation of over one million BTC that he and his business associate, Dave Kleiman, allegedly mined in the initial days of Bitcoin.

It is to be noted that Kleiman passed away in 2013. Because of this, Wright has been unable to transfer the funds on his own, as per the reports.

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