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Cristiano Ronaldo Undergoes Lie Detector Test, Reveals Future NFT Plans

Iconic soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo recently took part in a lie detector examination to address various questions related to soccer. During the test, he also suggested that he has plans to roll out more nonfungible token (NFT) collections in the coming times.

The polygraph test video coincided with the launch of Ronaldo’s second NFT collection, a collaborative effort with cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The collection was released in July, celebrating Ronaldo’s unparalleled achievements as the sport’s all-time top scorer.

The online video allowed soccer enthusiasts to see Ronaldo answer questions under a lie detector, including queries like “Will Portugal win the World Cup?” and “Do you see yourself playing top-level soccer into your 40s?”

When questioned about his NFT ownership, Ronaldo confirmed he does own NFTs — a claim that was corroborated by the lie detector results. Similarly, when asked about future NFT releases, the test affirmed his intentions.

Ronaldo’s first NFT collection was a result of a multi-year partnership signed with Binance in 2022. According to announcements, the collaboration aims to promote Web3 among global soccer fans through various NFT initiatives. The new NFTs will offer fans unique ways to interact with the legendary athlete, unlike anything available to the general public.

In other soccer-crypto news, Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho Gaúcho is under investigation in Brazil for alleged involvement in a cryptocurrency scam. Reports emerged on August 27 that Ronaldinho failed to attend a scheduled congressional hearing due to an ongoing probe into a pyramid scheme purportedly linked to one of his enterprises.

Finally appearing before an investigative committee on August 31, Ronaldinho denied any connections to a scheme offering a daily 2% return on cryptocurrency investments. The player refuted any association with the embattled company, which is facing a $61 million lawsuit. Ronaldinho claimed that his images were misused and that he, too, was a victim of the scam.

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