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Crypto Mining Rigs Discovered In Tehran Stock Exchange Building, CEO Resigns

The CEO of the Tehran Stock Exchange, Ali Sahraee has purportedly resigned subsequent to the discovery of digital asset mining rigs in the building.

As per a report from the nation’s state-run media, the Islamic Republic News Agency,the market vice president of Tehran Stock Exchange, Mahmoud Goudarzi will be leading the organisation subsequent to the leaving of Sahraee. The aforementioned change in the exchange’s leadership appears to be the result of “a number of miners” being discovered in the basement of the stock exchange’s building situated in the district of Sa’adat Abad.

Purportedly, the Tehran Stock Exchange earlier repudiated the existence of the crypto miners, mentioning the equipment was part of a research project. Nevertheless, the executive deputy director Beheshti-Sarsht later mentioned the company should be held answerable for its actions.

In the month of May, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared that BTC and digital asset mining would be forbidden over the summer in an endeavor to decrease demands on the nation’s power grid. Till now, it is not clear when exactly the authorities discovered the crypto mining rigs in a “sudden inspection” of the TSE basement. However, the activity was apparently still illicit until the last week of September.

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