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Deloitte Puts Crypto Company On Top 500 Tech Organizations List, Beats Pinterest By Several Ranks

As digital assets continue gaining attention among the masses, some of the sector’s native businesses have also joined the spotlight. BitPay, the BTC payment processing company joined the ranks of four hundred and ninety-nine other significant tech companies. Notably, BitPay beats Pinterest by quite a few ranks on Deloitte’s admired list.

As per Deloitte’s website, the ranking is collected based on submitted applications and public company database research, with winners chosen on the basis of fiscal-year growth percentage over a 3-year period.

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals ranks first among the prestigious group, showing a tremendous growth of over 106,000 percent. Securing a rank of three hundred and forty-one, BitPay claims a growth of around two hundred and ninety percent. Roku, the popular media streaming device provider sits further down securing a rank of four hundred and eighty-three.

The statement mentioned,

“In order to be eligible for Technology Fast 500 recognition, companies must own proprietary intellectual technology that is sold to customers in products to a majority of the company’s operating revenues.”

The statement added,

“Companies must have base-year operating revenues of at least $US50,000, and current-year operating revenues of at least $US5 million. Additionally, companies must be in business for a minimum of four years and be headquartered within North America.”

Furthermore, media outlet Red Herring also put BitPay on its own list as a top hundred finalist among North American private corporations in the technology or life sciences domain.

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