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Digital Euro According to Banque of France

In recent years, the concept of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) has gained momentum, with several countries exploring the idea of issuing their own digital currencies. One such country is France, which has been testing its Digital Euro in the past few months.

While the Digital Euro may seem like a step towards the future, there are concerns about the centralised nature of CBDCs. The Digital Euro is no exception. In fact, the tech documentation behind the Digital Euro of the Bank of France states that your digital Euro can expire, can be instantly charged back by the bank, and has limited privacy features.

This centralised nature of the Digital Euro means that it is very different from what an average cryptocurrency fan would be used to. With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, users have full control over their funds, and transactions cannot be reversed or censored. However, with the Digital Euro, the Bank of France has complete control over the currency, and users have to trust the bank to not abuse its power.

Another concern with the Digital Euro is its potential to exacerbate existing economic inequalities. In a cashless society, those who do not have access to digital payment methods or the necessary technology to use them may be left behind. This could have serious implications for the unbanked and underbanked populations.

Furthermore, the expiration feature of the Digital Euro could lead to the loss of funds for users who are not aware of the policy. In contrast, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have no expiration date, and users can hold onto their funds for as long as they want without fear of losing them.

In conclusion, while the Digital Euro may seem like a promising advancement in the world of digital currencies, the centralised nature of CBDCs like the Digital Euro raises several concerns. From potential abuses of power by central banks to the exacerbation of economic inequalities, the move towards CBDCs requires careful consideration and a thorough examination of the potential risks and benefits.

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